Minimising our impact on the environment is just as important to us as the joy that our prints give you… for this reason we put a huge amount of energy into ensuring that our raw materials, production processes and products are as environmentally friendly as possible and that every scrap of material is used!

We only ever make small batches of our garments and home interiors products -  this is to ensure that we use locally sourced materials to produce higher quality products and avoid as much waste as possible.  Our limited edition prints also help ensure that you don’t bump into friends with the same dress all summer long!


We are proud to use the softest organic cottons which are light, breathable and so comfortable to wear. Our cotton is all organic meaning that no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used in its production ensuring the safety of the farmer and the local community.

KaHo Prints is completely dedicated to printing by hand and helping to preserve the art of block printing. The dyes that are used to make our prints are all AZO free dyes – meaning that they are lead free and provide enhanced colour fastness. So not only are these dyes better for the environment but they help ensure that our prints remain vibrant and don’t fade quickly.

Each seamstress works on one full garment at a time… this is important as it helps ensure that the print placement is as accurate as good and that they feel real “ownership” and responsibility for the quality of the garment that they are working on. Although this is more time consuming – the results speak for themselves.

Any fabric offcuts we do have are used to make small accessories such as our scrunchies, lavender bags or our fabric covered books. In our books – even the paper is made from recycled cotton which has been pulped.

We are by no means perfect and are always seeking new ways to improve our production methods. Each KaHo piece is unique and a work of art. We do not seek to eliminate small imperfections in the printing – we celebrate these as they bring personality to the fabric and ensure that no two pieces are the same!