Easter "Must-Have" Chocolate Mousse

Easter "Must-Have" Chocolate Mousse

This gorgeous recipe was sourced from one of my favourite restaurants in St Tropez – where they serve it in giant bowls that you can serve yourself and scatter strawberries or raspberries on top! Totally delicious, not too rich and universally loved! Bon Appetit!


To serve 4:

Dark Chocolate 100g

Milk Chocolate 100g

Unsalted butter 75g

Vanilla Extract ½ teaspoon

Free – range eggs x 4

Caster Sugar 25g


To Make - 

1.     Melt the chocolate and the butter in a bowl over a pan of hot water

2.     Stir in the vanilla extract and let the melted butter and chocolate cool

3.     Separate the eggs

4.     Add the sugar to the yolks and mix until thick and pale

5.     Stir whisked yols in to the bowl of butter and chocolate

6.     Whisk the whites until they are thick and just stiff enough to make mountains

7.     Mix the fluffy egg whites into the chocolate mixture

8.     Fold in thoroughly, pour into a bowl / separate dishes and chill

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